Hamilton County Engineer

Theodore B.Hubbard, P.E. - P.S.



The Maintenance Division is the largest in the Engineer's Office. They plow and apply salt to the roadway when it snows and fix potholes and cut brush in the right of way in the warm weather months. Maintenance consists of three geographical divisions serviced by Maintenance Facilities; Eastern-located in Newtown; Central-located in the Burlington area, and Western-located just outside of Miamitown. The Engineer also operates two substations, one in Delhi Township and the other in the City of Harrison. The Hamilton County Engineer's Service Garage and the Traffic Department, in the Hartwell area, are also part of the Maintenance Division.

If you have a question concerning the maintenance of the pavement or berm area of a County Road, please consult the Road List for the Maintenance Facility assigned to take care of that road. Then dial the Maintenance Facility directly. You can get the numbers by clicking the appropriate link below.

If your question concerns traffic signals, signs or safety on the Hamilton County Roadway System please call the Traffic Department directly at the Service Garage.

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