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This list includes judgment entries, decisions, and opinions of the Court for the past 60 days. Judgment entries are usually released on Wednesdays; decisions and opinions are usually released on Fridays. A summary is also provided for decisions and opinions. A more comprehensive list of decisions and opinions of this Court may be found at The Supreme Court of Ohio website:

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Decisions and Summaries
DateCaseCase Caption [D] [S]
9/30/2016C130214State of Ohio vs. Tyshawn Barker
9/30/2016C150503State of Ohio v. Daniel Wright-
9/30/2016C150533State of Ohio v. Miguel Angel-
9/30/2016C150557State of Ohio v. Stephen Palazzolo
9/30/2016C150617Mid Atlantic Salt, LLC v. August Robben Sons-
9/30/2016C150743In Re: A.B.-
9/30/2016C160150State of Ohio v. Eric Holden
9/28/2016C150401Frank Wimmer v. Anthony Wimmer-
9/28/2016C150489Sara B. Denuzio v. Zeke Z. Zekoff-
9/28/2016C150549State of Ohio v. Jeremy Hardman-
9/28/2016C150633Frank Wimmer v. Anthony Wimmer-
9/28/2016C150764State of Ohio v. Nicholas Hisle-
9/28/2016C160195State of Ohio v. Brandon Geary
9/23/2016C150387State of Ohio v. Lavon Oden-
9/23/2016C150613State of Ohio v. Callie Robinson Lee-
9/23/2016C160514In Re: B.K.-
9/21/2016C160040In Re: E.L.-
9/16/2016C150249State of Ohio vs. William Williams Jr.
9/16/2016C150583State of Ohio v. Eugene Sweeten
9/16/2016C160421State of Ohio v. Leonard Crawley

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