Decisions [D] and Summaries [S]

This list includes judgment entries, decisions, and opinions of the Court for the past 60 days. Judgment entries are usually released on Wednesdays; decisions and opinions are usually released on Fridays. A summary is also provided for decisions and opinions. A more comprehensive list of decisions and opinions of this Court may be found at The Supreme Court of Ohio website:

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Decisions and Summaries
DateCaseCase Caption [D] [S]
8/26/2016C150429State of Ohio v. Anthony Mosley
8/26/2016C150562Judy & Cecil Young v. The Christ Hospital, et al.
8/26/2016C150566Judy & Cecil Young v. The Christ Hospital, et al.
8/26/2016C150567State of Ohio v. Victor Farris
8/26/2016C150744State of Ohio v. Russell Brown-
8/26/2016C160243Norton Outdoor Advertising, Inc. v. RGT Foods, Inc. and The Board of Township Trustees of Sycamore Twp.-
8/26/2016C160258National Collegiate Student Loan Trust 2007-3 v. Douglas Mujeye-
8/24/2016C150421State of Ohio v. Anthony Morris
8/24/2016C150532State of Ohio v. Donnell Woods-
8/24/2016C150570State of Ohio v. Chastity Gamble-
8/24/2016C150690State of Ohio v. Daniel McClure-
8/24/2016C160245Kenneth B. Pitcher, et al. v. Lawrence Waldman
8/24/2016C160290Malinda Williams v. F.B. LLC, et al.-
8/19/2016C150634State of Ohio v. Ronnie Teets-
8/19/2016C150711State of Ohio v. Micah Reese-
8/19/2016C150712State of Ohio v. Micah Reese-
8/19/2016C160218Reina Reyes v. Bepo, Inc. et al.-
8/17/2016C150321State of Ohio vs. Eliyah Ysrael-
8/17/2016C150402State of Ohio v. Jeffrey Hengehold
8/17/2016C150636State of Ohio v. Debra Emmons

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