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This list includes judgment entries, decisions, and opinions of the Court for the past 60 days. Judgment entries are usually released on Wednesdays; decisions and opinions are usually released on Fridays. A summary is also provided for decisions and opinions. A more comprehensive list of decisions and opinions of this Court may be found at The Supreme Court of Ohio website:

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Decisions and Summaries
DateCaseCase Caption [D] [S]
5/25/2016C150192Hyde Park Circle LLC vs. City of Cincinnati et al.
5/25/2016C150211Hyde Park Circle LLC vs. City of Cincinnati, Ohio et al.
5/25/2016C150327In Re: T.W.
5/25/2016C150336State of Ohio vs. Timothy Jones-
5/25/2016C150544State of Ohio v. Vernisha Finch-
5/25/2016C150644State of Ohio v. Leroy Goodwin-
5/25/2016C150666John Nieman & Carol Nieman v. Moving Insurance, LLC, Relo Van Lines, LLC, All State Van Lines Relocation, Inc. & Royal Moving Company-
5/20/2016C150169State of Ohio vs. Michael Jones-
5/20/2016C150478State of Ohio v. Lateef Dean
5/20/2016C150530State of Ohio v. Jakiesha Pettway-
5/18/2016C150059H&H Glass Inc. vs. Empire Building Company LLC et al.
5/18/2016C150207State of Ohio vs. Pele Bradford-
5/18/2016C150227H & H Glass Inc. vs. Empire Building Company LLC. et al.
5/18/2016C150443In Re: B.W.-
5/18/2016C150524State of Ohio v. Wade Hill-
5/18/2016C150574LaFayetta Whyte v. Reginald Whyte-
5/18/2016C150632State of Ohio v. David Crawford
5/13/2016C150094State of Ohio vs. Keenan Childs-
5/13/2016C150254State of Ohio vs. Mohammed Waheed
5/13/2016C150439State of Ohio v. Nadine Conyers

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