File Room

The File Room maintains records whenever a filing is made in the Court’s Docket Office for a divorce, dissolution, a petition for domestic violence restraining order, an emergency motion, or a variety of other motions. Currently, their exists approximately 150,000 files representing families in the File Room.

The staff prepares dockets for Judges and Magistrates up to two weeks in advance.  They must keep track of and be able to locate upwards of 500 files that could be checked out at any given time. 

Only litigants and attorneys for the case may be given access to the file.  All others are referred to the Clerk of Courts to obtain copies from the official file.  The File Room also maintains the supply of legal documents needed throughout the Court.


File Room Staff

Edie Heiland Supervisor 946-9102
    Fax (513) 946-9186