Hamilton County provides numerous services by its various departments and agencies, and you can find most of them here. You can scroll through the full list, filter by department or agency, or search based on text to find the service you are looking for.


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Departments and Agencies


Address Assignment
Administrator - County Administrator
Adoption - Child Adoption Opportunities
Adoption - Probate Court
Adult Services - Developmental Disabilities
Agendas - County Commissioners Agendas & Minutes
Airline Flights at CVG
Animal Shelter
Annual Information Statement
ARTIMIS - Freeway Traffic Conditions
Auction - County Online Auction
Auditor - Delinquent Taxes
Auditor - Estate Taxes
Auditor - Homestead Exemption
Auditor - Property Search
Auditor - Real Estate Tax
Auditor - Real Estate Valuation
Auditor - Vendor Payments
Auditor - Weights & Measures
Auto Titles

The Banks
Bids - Purchasing Bids/ RFPs/RFQs
Birth - Birth and Death Records
Boards and Commissions
Board of Elections
Boat Registration
Boat Registration / Renewal
Bond Ratings
Brownfield Redevelopment
Budget and Research
Building Permits
Building Inspections
Bus - SORTA/Metro Bus Service
Business - Entrepreneurial Development
Business - Small Business Financing
Business Incubator - Hamilton County Business Center

CAGIS Cincinnati Area GIS Internet Map Server
Census Data - Regional Planning Commission Data Center
Child Adoption Opportunities
Child Support Services
Cincinnati Area GIS (CAGIS) Internet Map Server
Cincy Tech USA
Clerk of Courts
Commissions and Boards
Community Development
Community Planning Services - Regional Planning Commission
Conservation - Soil and Water Conservation District
Conservation Education
Continuing Disclosure
Convention Center
Convention - Greater Cincinnati Convention Bureau
Coroner's Office
County Administrator
County Commissioners
County Commissioners Agendas & Minutes
County Commissioners on TV
County Fair - Hamilton County Fair Information
County Road Construction
Court - Domestic Relations Court
Court - Find Court Records
Court - Jury Commissioner
Court - Juvenile Court
Court - Municipal Court
Court - Probate Court
Court of Appeals
Court of Common Pleas
CVG - Airline Flights at CVG
CWW - Pay Your Water/Sewer Bill

Data Services - Regional Planning Commission Data Center
Deadbeat Parent Lookup
Death - Birth and Death Records
Debt Issuance
Deeds - Recorder's Office (Titles/Deeds)
Delinquent Taxes
Development - Hamilton County Development Company (HCDC)
Development Services - Regional Planning Commission
Development Disabilities Services
Divorce - Domestic Relations Court
Dog Licenses
Dog Pound
Domestic Relations Court
Driver's License Information

Earth Movement Permit
Eastern Corridor Project
Economic Development (HCDC)
Elections - Board of Elections
Emergency - Hamilton County Emergency Management Agency / LEPC
Employee Spotlight
Employment - County Government Employment Opportunities
Employment - Juvenile Court
Engineer - County Road Construction
Entrepreneurial Development
Environmental Services, Department of
Estate Administration
Estate Taxes

Fair - Hamilton County Fair Information
Financing - Small Business Financing
Fire Hydrants - Out of Service (Report)
Flights - Airline Flights at CVG
Flood - Special Flood Hazard Area Permit
Freeway Traffic Conditions (ARTIMIS)
Funds - Check Unclaimed Funds - Ohio
Funds - Check Unclaimed Funds - Probate Court

Golf - Hamilton County Parks
Great American Ball Park

Hamilton County Law Library
HCDC - Hamilton County Development Company
Health - Mental Health and Recovery Services
Health Complaints
Public Health
Higher Education Mentoring Initiative (HEMI)
Highway Traffic Conditions (ARTIMIS)
Home Improvement Program (HIP)
Homeland Security (TEWG)
Hotel / Motel Lodging Tax
Human Resources Department
Human Resources Development - County Employee Training Information

Incentives - Tax Incentives
Incubator - Hamilton County Business Center
Inspections - Weights & Measures
Investor Relations

Jobs - County Government Employment Opportunities
Juvenile Court
Juvenile Court - Employment
Juvenile Court - Work Detail
Juvenile Court - Youth Center

Library - Hamilton County Law Library
Library - Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
License - Boat Registration
License - Dog Licenses
License - Driver's License Information
License - Renew License Plates (State of Ohio)
License - Vendor Licenses
Loans - Small Business Financing
Lodging Tax
Lot Splits

Mail - Purchase Postage On-Line
Mapping Services - Regional Planning Commission Data Center
Marriage License
Marriage - Civil Marriage Officiants
Measures - Weights & Measures
Medical Examiner - Coroner's Office
Mental Health (Civil Commitment)
Mental Health and Recovery Services
Metro - SORTA/Metro Bus Service
Minutes - County Commissioners Agendas & Minutes
Motel/Hotel Lodging Tax
MSD Comptroller
Municipal Court

Name Change

Offenders - Sex Offenders & Predators
OMB - Budget & Management

Parent - Deadbeat Parent Lookup
Parent Education - Domestic Relations
Park Permits - County Park Facility Reservations
Parking near downtown County Offices
Parking Tickets - Pay a ticket
Parking Tickets - Ticket Inquiry
Parks - Hamilton County Parks
Paul Brown Stadium
Performance Measurement
Pet Adoption
Planning - Regional Planning Commission
Planning Partnership - Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission
Plates - Renew Ohio License Plates
Probate Records
Probation, Adult
Prosecutor's Office
Public Defender's Office
Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
Purchase Postage On-Line
Purchasing Bids/ RFPs/RFQs

Recorder's Office (Titles/Deeds)
Records - Birth Records
Records - Death Records
Records - Find Court Records
Redevelopment - Urban Land Assistance Program
ReEntry, Office of
Regional Planning Commission
Registration - Boat Registration
Renew Ohio License Plates
Reserve Park Facilities
Restaurant Inspections
RFP/RFQ - Purchasing Bids/ RFPs/ RFQs
Risk Management
Road - County Road Construction
Rural Zoning Commission

Sales Tax
Security - Homeland Security (TEWG)
Sewer - Pay Your Water/Sewer Bill
Sewer Tap Assistance
Sex Offenders & Predators
Small Business - Entrepreneurial Development
Small Business Financing
Soil and Water Conservation District
SORTA/Metro Bus Service
Special Flood Hazard Area Permit
Stadium Management
Storm Drain Labeling Program
Storm Water - Report a Storm Water Quality Problem
Stormwater District
Stormwater Drainage Approval
Stormwater Forms and Applications
Stormwater Problem
Subdivisions (Major and Minor)

Tap - Sewer Tap Assistance
Tap - Water Tap Assistance
Tax Incentives
Taxes - Delinquent Taxes
Taxes - Estate Taxes
Taxes - Hotel / Motel Lodging Tax
Terrorism - Homeland Security Terrorism Early Warning Group (TEWG)
Titles - Recorder's Office (Titles/Deeds)
Traffic - Freeway Traffic Conditions (ARTIMIS)
Traffic Tickets - Pay a parking ticket
Traffic Tickets - Ticket Inquiry
Training - County Employee Training Information
Treasurer's Office (Tax Records)
TV - County Commissioners on TV

Unclaimed Funds - Ohio
Unclaimed Funds - Probate Court
Urban Land Assistance Program
Urban Land Management
Urban Streams

Vendor Licensing and Information
Vendor Registration Form
Veteran's ID Cards
Veterans Service Commission Information
Volunteer Opportunities
Voting Information

Water - Pay Your Water/Sewer Bill
Water Petition Process
Water - Soil and Water Conservation District
Water Tap Assistance
Weights and Measures
Work Detail - Juvenile Court

Youth Center - Juvenile Court

Zoning - Board of Zoning Appeals
Zoning - County Zoning Services
Zoo - Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden