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Tax Lien Sale


                                                           TAX LIEN SALE

                                                                             Tax Lien Information


 The purpose of the Tax Lien Sale is to collect delinquent real estate taxes owed to the county which are needed to fund

 our schools, agencies and local governments while offering property owners the opportunity to retain their properties

 and avoid foreclosure.


 Basic Overview of the Sale

 Taxes that are unpaid following the Second Half (June) tax collection period are advertised as delinquent in November

 and are eligible for tax certificate sale in October of the following year. If you have unpaid taxes and your property has

 been advertised, a tax lien certificate may be sold on your property.


 To avoid the sale of a tax lien certificate on your property, you must pay your taxes in full or have entered into a

 payment plan with the County Treasurer’s office. You may also be responsible for additional fees and costs associated

 with the tax lien certificate sale. For information regarding your delinquent taxes and the availability of payment plans,

 call our Delinquent Tax Department at 513-946-4799.


 Tax certificate sales are usually held around the 2nd week of October.

 For more information on purchasing Tax Liens, contact the Treasurer’s office at 513-946-4800.


 Please Note: All eligible liens will be auctioned as a single block. The county does not sell individual

 tax lien certificates. As in all Ohio counties selling tax certificates, the bulk sale or auction of tax

 certificates in Hamilton County is not designed for individual investors.



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