Give us your Input on Capital Project priorities

Transportation .... conventions ... arenas ... economic development ... Hamilton County has no shortage of large, high-impact project opportunities which have been proposed to help drive development and enhance the vibrancy of our community. Some of these opportunities have been proposed to drive tourism and provide or retain entertainment opportunities for the region. Other initiatives have been proposed to strengthen the basic infrastructure that connects the community or that allows for the enhanced provision of public services. Regardless of the purpose, the Board of Hamilton County Commissioners wants the input of the public in determining where and how to invest limited public resources toward community improvement.

Each of the projects listed in the accompanying presentation would, in some manner, positively impact Hamilton County and the region. As the county goes about the work of studying financial implications and viability of each, it would be helpful to obtain the input of the public - keeping in mind that many of these projects may proceed with, or without, county support. The question at hand is whether, and how, the county partners to bring these opportunities to reality.

Click here to view the PowerPoint Presentation originally presented at the 9/26/17 BoCC meeting at the Board of Elections on Capital Project Opportunities in Hamilton County  . (18 MB)

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Posted: Jul. 21, 2017