Hamilton County forming Commission on Women and Girls

The Board of County Commissioners has voted to create a Hamilton County Commission on Women and Girls to promote the economic prospects of women in Hamilton County, to encourage women to attain positions of leadership, and to empower girls to grow into fulfilled adults.

The Commission on Women and Girls will have the following functions and duties:

  • Make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners and local government jurisdictions to eliminate any distinction, exclusion, or restriction made on the basis of sex;
  • Facilitating partnerships between government, nonprofit and business which will support the mission of the Commission on Women and Girls;
  • Promoting and encouraging women to seek leadership positions in society, and helping girls to develop leadership skills; and
  • Developing public information and/or education campaigns to support the mission of the Commission on Women and Girls.

The Commission will consist of twenty members and ten student members. Hamilton County residents with either professional expertise or personal experience relating to the issues of economic development, human resources, healthcare, violence against women, education, communications, and leadership development as they relate to women and girls are encouraged to apply at this link: http://www.hamiltoncountyohio.gov/government/board_of_county_commissioners/boards_and_commissions/apply/.

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Posted: Jul. 24, 2017