Hamilton County taps Jolene Molitoris to lead Transportation Policy Agenda

Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners unanimously voted to contract Jolene Molitoris, the former Ohio Department of Transportation Director and former Federal Railroad Administration Director, to lead the County's transportation policy agenda. Molitoris will take over the reins of the county’s transportation agenda at its most crucial point of time in decades.

County Commission President and Chair of the County's Transportation Improvement District, Todd Portune declared that the Board's unanimous selection of Molitoris will prove to be a watershed moment in the history of the County. He said, "Hamilton County is extremely fortunate to be able to retain someone of Jolene’s talent and experience. She has the know-how to leverage the many options we possess on how to move people and freight to our best advantage in creating jobs and a vibrant economy." Portune added that, "we are at crossroads in our history where we either move ahead or we fall behind."

Vice President Denise Driehaus stated, "I had the opportunity to work with Ms. Molitoris when I was a State Representative and she was the Ohio Director of Transportation. I am confident that she will provide the expertise and direction necessary to help us address the important transportation needs of our county."

Commissioner Portune added "Jolene Molitoris' unique experience in leading the State of Ohio’s Department of Transportation and in directing the Federal Railroad Administration will serve to open doors and opportunities for the county beyond our expectations. Transportation infrastructure and transit options will become the catalysts for a transformational age of new development and growth in Hamilton County."

Posted: Sep. 22, 2017