Census Deadline Looms

Regardless of end date, the time to act is now

Greater Cincinnati (September 28, 2020) - Hamilton County Commissioner Denise Driehaus and Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley are urging everyone in Greater Cincinnati to fill out the census immediately as the Wednesday, September 30th deadline is taken up in federal court.

“The time to act is now; text your friends, family and neighbors to make sure they filled out the 2020 Census” said Commissioner Denise Driehaus. “This is our chance to impact our community for the next decade and we simply can't afford to leave money on the table.”

“Federal dollars are at risk,” said Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley. “Without a significant response to the 2020 Census, we will put all the progress we have made throughout the last decade at risk to be lost. I urge all residents of our region who have not previously done so to take ten minutes and respond to the Census. The future of our region counts on you.”

Households can still respond online at my2020census.gov, by phone at (844) 330-2020, or by completing and mailing back their paper questionnaire. The September 30th deadline is currently under a federal court order to extend into October but that order is being appealed by the Trump Administration.

Census data are used to distribute more than $675 billion in federal funds, grants, and support to communities. Cincinnati and Hamilton County stand to lose $18,000 over the next decade for every person not counted. That money provides crucial support to our neighborhoods in the form of affordable housing programs, school lunches, Medicaid and support for a pandemic response.

For example, the census count has a direct impact on critical infrastructure projects like the Western Hills Viaduct. The Viaduct remains an essential transportation corridor that connects the western half of the County and City. The $335 million replacement project is only partially funded with $58 million in federal grants and a $76 million local match secured. An accurate population count helps inform when and where federal transportation grants are spent.

In October 2019, Commissioner Driehaus and Mayor Cranley appointed members of the Complete Count Committee (GCCC) - a group of business, nonprofit, and faith leaders to develop an outreach and awareness campaign for the 2020 Census. For the past year, the GCCC has been working towards this moment to ensure every voice is heard and every person is counted in Greater Cincinnati.

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Posted on 09/28/2020