Commissioners Look to Increase Community Input and Ideas

In an effort to bolster public participation, Hamilton County Commissioners are holding monthly evening meetings in the communities they serve. Commissioner President Denise Driehaus proposed the monthly community meeting to increase accessibility for everyone in the County including working families who can’t take the time off to attend commission meetings downtown during the day. 

Commissioners spread around the locations and recently finalized the below schedule of evening meeting that are held on the third Thursday of the month:

January 16 – Blue Ash, 6:30PM
Blue Ash Municipal Building
4343 Cooper Rd.
Blue Ash, OH 45242

July 16 – Montgomery, 6:30PM
Montgomery City Hall
10101 Montgomery Rd. 
Montgomery, OH 45242
February 20 – North Bend, 6:30PM
North Bend Village Office
21 Taylor Ave.
North Bend, OH 45052

August 20 – North College Hill, 6:30PM
North College Hill City Hall
1500 Galbraith Rd. 
North College Hill, OH 45231
March 19 – Newtown, 6:30PM
Newtown Municipal Offices
3537 Church Street, 
Newtown, OH 45244

September 17 – Wyoming, 6:30PM
Wyoming City Administration Office
800 Oak Ave. 
Wyoming, OH 45215
April 16 – Springfield Township, 6:30PM
Springfield Township Administration Building
9150 Winton Rd. 
Cincinnati, OH 45231

October 15– Lincoln Heights, 6:30PM
Lincoln Height Municipal Building
1201 Steffen Ave.
Lincoln Heights, Ohio 45215
May 14 – Norwood, 6:30PM
Norwood City Council Building
4645 Montgomery Rd. 
Norwood, OH 45212

November 19 – Delhi Township, 6:30PM
Delhi Township Administration Building
934 Neeb Rd. 
Cincinnati, OH 45233
June 18 – Deer Park, 6:30PM
Deer Park City Hall
7777 Blue Ash Rd.
Deer Park, OH 45236                       
December 17 – Cincinnati, 6:30PM
Todd Portune Center for County Government
138 E. Court Street, Room 605
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Commissioners regularly convene weekly meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00 the Todd B. Portune Center for County Government, 138 East Court Street, Cincinnati OH 45202 (formerly the County Administration Building).
Posted on 01/07/2020