HCDC Offers No Cost Sales Growth Assistance

Office of Innovation and Creativity

The hunt for new sales leads is constant, exhausting.  Many growth focused companies could use a little extra help finding new sales opportunities.  There’s help!  HCDC’s Office of Innovation & Creativity offers a program that helps companies in Hamilton County, Ohio find new sales leads at no cost to the company: the Growth Market Research program.  Plus, the program routinely helps companies grow sales up to 30%!  HCDC is accepting applications for companies interested in getting an extra set of hands to help grow their business.  If your company or one you know is interested, apply.  There are only 5 spots left!

Since 2018, Hamilton County and HCDC have helped 20 local companies identify new sales opportunities with the Growth Market Research program.  Companies work with a team of expert researchers who identify new sales growth opportunities for the business.  Researchers tap into nearly 100 market research, competitive intelligence, and digital analytics tools to answer the company’s most critical sales growth questions.  The best part: The program doesn’t cost companies a dime, and it routinely grows sales up to 30%.

Kelly Kolar, CEO of Kolar Design, a Cincinnati based design firm, said the work succeeded in, “helping us to form the next steps in scaling the business.  We were just growing organically, but the OIC engagement helped us understand the role of marketing and research in building a strong position in the market.”

She’s not alone.  A number of successful, Hamilton County companies have been pleased with the results the OIC’s Growth Market Research has delivered.  Companies like Helium SEO, Best Upon Request, Callibrity, Automated Machine Systems, Talmetrix, and more are proud participants in the program.  Plus, they represent many different industries throughout Hamilton County. 

There must be a catch, right?  Yes, but just a small one.  Companies must be located in Hamilton County, OH.  Plus, companies need to have approximately $500 thousand to $50 million in annual revenues.  Companies of this size play a critical role in fueling vibrant economies.  They represent approximately 10% of companies but provide about 30% of the jobs in a region.  When they grow, they add jobs disproportionately and fuel economic prosperity right here in Hamilton County, Ohio.  

If your company is located in Hamilton County, OH and needs an extra hand to unearth new sales opportunities, the Growth Market Research program will help!  Learn more at www.hcdc.com/oic or reach out to Paul Fisher ([email protected]), HCDC’s Director of Innovation to apply.  Don't miss a great opportunity to find new sales opportunities and grow your company up to 30%!  Remember, there are only 5 slots left!

Posted on 11/04/2020