Pop-Up 911 Center

Hamilton County Communications Center Successfully Tests Pop-Up 911 Center

Hamilton County Communications Center (HCCC) recently celebrated the successful launch of its new tactical 911 backup equipment at an off-site location. After extensive planning, design and installation, employees spent several hours effectively processing 911 and non-emergency telephone calls at the pop-up 911 center. 

In 2019, HCCC processed over 500,000 telephone calls while providing 911 services for 48 jurisdictions in Hamilton County. Keeping those lines of communication open at all times means having a backup plan should an emergency disable the existing center.  

Backup 911 Center Until recently, HCCC relied on other 911 centers to assist with continuity of operations as needed.  As the COVID-19 pandemic began, HCCC quickly realized the need to relocate and socially distance its workforce.  The same issues facing HCCC also impacted other dispatch centers, increasing the need for self-sufficiency.  

Developing remote capabilities that can be set up anywhere is a strategic and cost-effective move to ensure the continuity of operations.  It also assures residents that their calls can continue to be processed in the event that the primary center is compromised. 
New technology makes it possible to handle 911 and telephone traffic from just about any location via the Internet.  

This mobile dispatch center also has the ability to scale a response of up to 15 call takers to a predetermined location based upon the situation.  Services include 911 calls, non-emergency calls, text to 911, and emergency medical instructions.  

Once deployed, the pop-up 911 center can continue to provide the same professional and prompt service that residents have come to expect.  
Posted on 07/23/2020