Sharonville's Downtown Loop Streetscape Gets a Boost from HamCo Mini Planning Grant

Comprehensive plans are not intended to sit on the shelf. They are intended to guide communities into their future. The City of Sharonville catapulted its plans into practice after the City Council recently approved the Downtown Loop Streetscape Master Plan that was funded in part by Hamilton County Planning + Development’s mini planning grant program. The mini grants help jurisdictions create visions for their communities with implementable projects and other actionable steps. 
The City of Sharonville meticulously worked its comprehensive planning process building on 18 months of community engagement. The Downtown Loop project is the direct result of feedback from residents and the business community alike to address streetscape and public space opportunities in Sharonville. This project connects key elements of the city from residential areas, elementary schools, and the community center to a more residential friendly Downtown. More foot traffic means new investment, more jobs and more visitors. 
The Mini Planning Grant Program is funded by Federal Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) funds administered by Hamilton County Planning + Development. The mini planning grant can be a segway into other CDBG dollars like the Community and Economic Development Assistance Program (CEDAP) funds, which supports communities in implementing their projects developed from the visioning process.
A similar project to the Downtown Loop project took place in Silverton.  The Silverton project is leading to continued reinvestment and the creation of a great public space that is bringing renewed energy into the community. Sharonville is on the same path to creating a sense of place and community in their Downtown making the city an attractive place to live, work and visit.
Sharonville Downtown Loop
Posted on 07/01/2020