Commissioner Victoria Parks' Press Conference

Racism is a Public Health Crisis

On Tuesday, June 30, Hamilton County Commissioner Victoria Parks introduced a draft resolution declaring racism a public health crisis on the banks of the Ohio River-  a backdrop of historic significance symbolizing a freedom crossing for slaves and how the journey continues. 

Commissioner Parks outlined the draft language that goes beyond supporting and promoting collaborative health efforts, such as Cradle Cincinnati, the Hamilton County Oral Health Coalition, the Center for Closing the Health Gap, All-In Cincinnati, and Gen-H in an effort to reduce racial inequities in health. The resolution also commits to expanded training for Hamilton County employees, a county-focused disparity study and expands the Office of Economic Inclusion.

“I wanted the resolution to have teeth, and thanks to our wonderful partners in the community and other County offices I feel confident that this resolution helps get us to a more equitable County,” said Commissioner Victoria Parks. 

After a public hearing and other public input, Commissioners unanimously approved the resolution on July 16, 2020. 

Read the resolution here.  

Enhances Training and Benchmarking
In collaboration with Commissioners, Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil has committed to benchmarking the office’s policies and procedures against other national collaborative agreements. The Sheriff’s Department has also committed to Active Bystander, Implicit Bias Training, and Crisis Intervention Training to ensure respect and dignity is given to all who interact with the department. Hamilton County employees under the Board of Commissioners will also receiving similar training to identify biases, prevent harm or wrongdoing and instill a culture. 

Conducts Disparity Study in Hamilton County
The resolution further commits Hamilton County to conduct an economic disparity study to determine whether  inequities exist in economic outcomes related to County procurement affecting minorities and women and, if so, to recommend solutions for remedying those inequities.

Expands Office of Economic Inclusion  
Hamilton County commits to the expansion of its Office of Economic Inclusion to promote cultural engagement within the Hamilton County community with a focus on connecting vulnerable, minority and poverty stricken communities of Hamilton County to resources within, and outside, of Hamilton County capable of addressing the needs of these communities and more effectively connecting these communities to the work and programming of the County. The expansion also includes a name change. The resolution changes the Hamilton County Office of Economic Inclusion to the Office of Economic Inclusion and Equity.

Posted on 07/16/2020