Hamilton County Addiction Response Coalition

Hamilton County Addiction Response Coalition

Formerly Known as the Hamilton County Heroin Coalition


Opioid addiction doesn’t discriminate – it affects all kinds of people, from all kinds of backgrounds, from every neighborhood across our county. It’s a chronic illness, not a choice. And it’s why the HCARC was formed.

The HCARC is a group of community members, leaders, advocates and experts dedicated to ending the opiate epidemic in our community. We are a collective force of resources that provide access to care, when and where people need it most. We connect prevention options to treatment specialists to public health officials to law enforcement – bringing together the right resources for real results that make a real difference. Together, we deeply and holistically treat this illness, and address its impact on Hamilton County. Together, we save lives and strengthen families. And together, we fight addiction for the health and wellness of all.

Who we are:
We are an action team who connect people to the right resources and right treatments.

What we do:
We address addiction through best practices and 360° solutions. We set strategies, break down barriers and connect systems to create impact. We function within
five areas of expertise:
• Prevention
• Treatment
• Harm Reduction
• Law Enforcement
• 1st Responders

Why we matter:
Opioid addiction deeply affects our community and every person in it. Every member of the HCARC has been impacted or lost someone from this epidemic. The numbers are staggering. The struggle is real. Our help is critical. What we do is truly a matter of life and death.

24/7 Hotlines

Addiction Services Council
Local: (513) 281-7880
Kentucky: (859) 415-9280

Beckett Springs
(513) 817-0907

(513) 834-7063

Mental Health Hotline
(513) 281-CARE

Drug & Poison Information Center (DPIC)
(513) 636-5111

Resurge Recovery
(513) 993-5241

Contact Information
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Program Administrator
Meagan Guthrie (513) 946-4311

Social Media
Hamilton County Addiction Response Coalition Facebook Page