Hamilton County Quick Response Team

The Quick Response Team (QRT) partners trained peer navigators (individuals with lived experience or behavioral health specialists) with law enforcement officers to provide outreach throughout Hamilton County.

Meet the Team

Fallon                           gosney headshot       
       Captain Tom Fallon,                                Meagan Guthrie,             
                     QRT Director                   Office of Addiction Response Director


Abigail Fritsch, Social Program Administrator 

Randy   Sharese Williams

      Deputy Randy Bernhardt, HCSO  Sharese Williams, Ohio DPS Trooper

Rod   Ron  
Rod Housley, HCSO     Ron Murphy, AVPD                                             
Doug Sowders, AVPD  

       Alyssa Boiman, QRT Navigator           sarah
Alyssa Boiman, QRT Navigator  Sarah Coyne, QRT Navigator


Meghan        Dom
 Meghan Howells, QRT Navigator   Dominique Hutson, QRT Navigator

         Cheney Headshot

   Alex Cheney, Drug Court Navigator

HC ARC Hotspot Initiative

The Hotspot Initiative was created to develop a Continuum of Care Model of resources. It uses Operational Data, community factors, and issues that turn into actionable plans to identify and fill in gaps. This will both connect and coordinate a multilayered response to finding solutions in a specific "hotspot" that works within a short- and long-term focus, while tying all the disparate community factors together into tangible solutions that are narrowly focused on an overall goal of Active Recovery. The Initiative is being piloted in Police District 3.

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