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Does your current broadband internet service in Hamilton County meet your current and future needs?

Can you stream movies, or have a Zoom meeting while someone is online gaming in the other room with no screen freeze or "spinning circle"?

Would faster, more reliable, and more competitively priced internet help your family, household or business?

Well, here's the chance to tell Hamilton County how – click the Hamilton County High-Speed Internet Assessment buttons below.

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About the Hamilton County High-Speed Internet Assessment

Hamilton County is assessing its broadband internet needs for families and businesses to help guide the investment of $10 million in American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds. Hamilton County Commissioners are asking for public input through the Hamilton County High-Speed Internet Assessment to help map accessibility, reliability, and affordability of the internet countywide.

The 20-minute survey will help Hamilton County prioritize where and how the money should be spent by identifying gaps and opportunities for current and future broadband improvements.

The Hamilton County High-Speed Internet Assessment is a critical part of a broader effort to connect every household, school, organization, and business equitably after the pandemic showed gaping disparities in reliable, high-quality internet access in both urban and rural communities.

The more people who fill out the survey, the better the data will be to inform both the critical infrastructure improvements as well as investments in our community's ability to learn and thrive.

Take 20 minutes to complete the assessment – we know your time is valuable and your investment in completing the assessment will help Hamilton County use the information to provide more reliable and affordable internet to Hamilton County residents.