Department Spotlight

Hamilton County provides services to residents and businesses through its various courts and departments. The County has created a new series which focuses on a few of these departments. In these "Department Spotlight" videos, you will get a chance to see what the different departments of the County do, and how they impact citizens.

Commission on Women & Girls

Meet the Women and Girls who are leading the way to ensure women have a seat at the table. The Commission on Women and Girls is a powerful platform to help turn rhetoric into action, it promotes and encourages women to seek leadership positions in society, and help girls to develop leadership skills. Foster Care & Adoption

When kids find the structure they need and find a family where they fit, the rewards are tremendous. Could you be #TheOne to make a difference for a child?

911 Center

Hamilton County 911 Center professionals are dedicated and caring. All dispatchers are cross-trained, and use the latest technology, Smart 911. Sign yourself up for Smart 911 today.

Justice Center

The Hamilton County Justice Center currently houses around 1,400 inmates, many of whom have tried or have been addicted at one time or another to heroin or opiates. But a new approach to treating inmates here is bringing hope.

Quick Response Team

Hamilton County's Quick Response Team is out every week trying to find people who have overdosed on heroin in the past week. "If we can get people into treatment, that increases public safety for everyone."