Community Planning

The Community Planning Division of the Planning + Development Department assists Hamilton County and its communities, agencies and citizens in planning and achieving sustainable development and related community and regional goals.

Mission Statement

HCP+D Community Planning Division is engaged with the jurisdictions of Hamilton County to develop visions that are implemented through collaborative partnerships. We aspire to stay on the cutting edge of planning - technically (ArcGIS StoryMaps, etc.) and with new strategy tools (tactical urbanism, etc.) and maybe most importantly as experts in our knowledge of Hamilton County. We are driven by our planning ethics which call us to "seek social justice by working to expand choice and opportunity for all persons, recognizing a special responsibility to plan for the needs of the disadvantaged and to promote racial and economic integration." We continue to look for opportunities for jurisdictions to come together and plan for the betterment of the County.

Staff provides services, upon request, to county jurisdictions that are members of the Commission and pay annual fees. Our services are tied to annual work programs of the Board of County Commissioners, the Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission, the Planning Partnership, the First Suburbs Consortium of Southwest Ohio, and numerous other boards and commissions that are working to improve Hamilton County.

Some Examples of Our Partnership Work:

Mill Creek Alliance - The Mill Creek Alliance (MCA) is at the center of many of our multi-jurisdictional efforts in the County. The MCA is working on flood mitigation/restoration projects throughout the watershed. Senior Planner, Brian Wamsley, and Planning Services Administrator, Steve Johns, serve on the Mill Creek Board of Trustees.

First Suburbs Consortium of Southwest Ohio - First Suburbs Consortium of Southwest Ohio (FSC-SWO) is an association of elected and appointed officials representing older suburban communities in Hamilton County, Ohio. Senior Planner, Ashley Keith, serves as coordinator for the Consortium. The First Suburbs quarterly membership meetings play an important role in keeping participating jurisdictions aware of issues and opportunities in the County.

Communities of the Future (MSD) - Communities of the Future is leading the development of an alternative vision for MSD's largest Combined Sewer Overflows-CSOs - a vision that addresses the source of the problem (rainwater) and marries this source control strategy with community revitalization. Senior Planner, Brain Wamsley and Principal Planner, Dean Niemeyer were part of the team that completed planning studies and community engagement in the Lick Run Greenway.  

Taking Root - Taking Root Inc., a 501c3, is a collaborative, broad-based campaign to address the current historic loss of our region's tree canopy by planting trees, better managing our local forests, promoting the many benefits of healthy trees, and fostering a sense of stewardship among individuals and communities. Principal Planner, Dean Niemeyer is currently a member of the board and was past president of the board.