Board of Building Standards



The Board shall formulate and adopt rules and regulations, governing the erection, repair, alteration and maintenance of all buildings, structures and accessory structures, and associated equipment therefore, where not under the jurisdiction of the Ohio Board of Building Standards.

The Board shall be responsible for keeping the Code current and appropriate through regular review and action to incorporate new materials, methods, and performance standards of trade associations, professional societies and government bodies.

The Board shall recommend to the Board of County Commissioners modifications, deletions, or amendments to any provisions of the Code, as it deems necessary or appropriate.

The Board shall also be responsible for determining that any particular material, device, fixture or method of construction is equivalent to that required by this Code and for use for its purpose.

Establishing Authority:

Hamilton County Building Code. The Board of Building Standards shall consist of five (5) members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC).


The Board members consist of a registered architect, a professional civil or structural engineer registered in Ohio, and an attorney at law admitted to the bar in this state. Additional members may be appointed from the aforementioned professions, or may be a builder, contractor, or superintendent of construction with at least five years experience. No more than two members of the Board shall be from the same profession or business.


Each person appointed shall serve five (5) years, or until his successor is appointed, except that appointments to fill vacancies arising in mid-term shall be for only the unexpired portions of such terms. Terms shall be staggered one year apart.


BOCC shall, at the start of each year, set the compensation for the members of the Board for the time served at Board meetings.


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