Board of Trustees of the Zoological Society of Cincinnati

Expiration Date Member Last First
09/14/2023 Castellini, Jr. Robert
09/14/2023 Parker Paaras
04/14/2024 Lemon-Kearney Jan-Michele


Establishing Authority:

Code of Regulations of the Zoological Society of Cincinnati.


The number of Trustees shall be thirty-two, selected as follows: twenty-six (26) Trustees shall be elected by the members of the Society; three (3) Trustees shall be appointed by the Mayor of the City of Cincinnati with the advice and consent of Cincinnati City Council; and three (3) Trustees shall be appointed by the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners.


Each member shall serve a term of three (3) years until each such Trustee's successor is duly elected or appointed or until each such Trustee's earlier resignation, removal from office, or death. No person who has been elected as a Trustee by the members of the Society and who has served as Trustee for three (3) consecutive three-year terms shall be eligible for re-election to a fourth consecutive term, provided, however, that such limitation shall not apply to any Trustee who holds elective office during the terms of office of such Trustee.


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