Hamilton County Domestic
Relations Family Law Clinic  


ATTENTION: The Family Law Clinic will be closed on Thursday, April 18th for continuing legal education. Thank you for your understanding.

Volunteer lawyers and law students provide free help to low-income litigants representing themselves in Hamilton County Domestic Relations Court. We offer assistance prior to the filing of an action, during the filing process, as the case progresses through the court process, as well as after a divorce or dissolution has been granted. You must be a resident of Hamilton County in order to apply for Clinic services. 

Click here for the Family Law Clinic brochure.

How We Can Help

All aspects of a divorce or dissolution including:
Initial Filings
Decree Paperwork
Child Support

What The Clinic Cannot Do

The Clinic volunteer attorneys will not represent you in Court.
Volunteer law students and court personnel cannot give legal advice.
We are unable to provide assistance with Civil Protection Orders or Appellate issues.

Hours and Location

800 Broadway, 2nd Floor
Tuesdays 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Thursdays 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

The Family Law Clinic serves litigants on a first come, first served basis during Clinic hours. As Family Law Clinic service are income-based, everyone is required to fill out a Family Law Clinic Application and an Agreement for Limited Legal Services. You may also be asked to provide a Questionnaire and  Fee Waiver. Your Application will be reviewed once you complete it and, if you qualify, you will be paired with a volunteer attorney or law student to help you that day. The attorney or law student is not your representative; he or she provides help with paperwork or guidance for you to represent yourself. Qualifying litigants may come to the Clinic as many times as they like, though Clinic staff may not be able to pair litigants with the same attorney or law student.

In the event a litigant is absolutely unable to come to the Family Law Clinic in person, there are very limited phone appointments available. If you believe you may qualify for an appointment, please contact Claire Cooperrider at [email protected] or (513) 946-9071.

Family Law Clinic
Other Resources

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Women Helping Women
Cincinnati Bar Lawyer Referral Service
Comprehensive List of Area Legal Resources
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Click HERE for What to Expect as a Self-Represented Litigant in a Domestic Relations Trial or Evidentiary Hearing.


Volunteer attorneys can receive up to 6 hours of CLE credit per biennial compliance period for pro bono legal services performed. For more information, please see Supreme Court's brochure on How to Earn CLE Credit for Pro Bono Service.

If you are an attorney or law student interested in volunteering at the Clinic, please contact Claire Cooperrider at [email protected] or 513-946-9071.

Clinic volunteers will not appear with you in court. The clinic is a resource provided to help you represent yourself.