Transcript Requests and Audio Recording

Transcript Requests and Audio Recording requests may be dropped off or faxed to the courtroom personnel of the assigned Judge.  Form 8.30 Request for Transcription must be thoroughly completed to begin the process.

Judge Tolbert:

Geri Bryant (513) 946-9016
Constance Conlon (513) 946-9017
Fax (513) 946-9019

Judge Sieve:

Darren Thomas (513) 946-9024
Alexa Edwards (513) 946-9022
Fax (513) 946-9021

Judge Searcy:

Amanda Kreinbrink (513) 946-9030
Fax (513) 946-9033


Audio CD Recordings:

  • ­Normally used for personal purposes or to prepare for an upcoming hearing
  • Cost:  $25.00 per CD
    • Up to 8 hours of audio can be placed on one CD
      • Multiple hearings can be placed on one CD
  • Allow 24 to 48 hours before the CD is ready for pick up
    • Pick up in the courtroom of the assigned Judge
  • Payments accepted:
    • Cash
    • Check (made payable to the Court of Domestic Relations)


  • Needed when filing an Objection or an Appeal
  • Cost: 
    • Regular Rate - $4.50 per page
    • 6 to 10 business days - $5.45 per page
    • 1 to 5 business days - $5.95 per page
    • Expedited (by 8:00  a.m. the next calendar day) - $7.95 per page

*** A page equals approximately one minute of audio***

  • Rates are for the original transcript only
  • Additional paper copies of the transcript are an additional $0.10 per page
  • An electronic copy (emailed copy) is free of charge once the original copy is paid for.
  • An estimate will be given by the courtroom personnel prior to the transcript being ordered.  The transcript will not be ordered until the estimate is accepted. 
  • Make sure the entire Request for Transcription form is filled out
    • If the transcript is to be filed by the court reporter, please indicate on the form
    • If the transcript is for the Court of Appeals, please indicate on the form
      • If it is, please indicate the Court of Appeals case number
    • Always allow at least 3 business days for the Judge to review the transcript prior to the Objection hearing.
  • Once the transcript has been ordered, please contact Tina Wesley (within 3 days of ordering the transcript) @ (513) 630-0211 to make payment arrangements.


Form 8.30 Request for Transcription Word Tmp version

Form 8.30 Request for Transcription PDF version