Mission & Core Values


Our vision is to serve the residents of Hamilton County by providing the best and most responsive county government in America.


Our mission is to provide efficient service of the highest quality, and to deliver county services equitably.

Core Values

Service Excellence
  • We cultivate strong engagement and cooperation with all stakeholders, including constituents, customers, community partners, and all of our co-workers within Hamilton County government.
  • We strive to understand and proactively meet our stakeholders' needs.
  • We provide prompt, responsive service in a manner that's informative, helpful, respectful, and courteous.
  • We produce work products that are of the highest quality, ensuring efficiency, accuracy and clarity.
Stewardship and Integrity
  • We use resources efficiently and effectively to be good stewards for Hamilton County.
  • We uphold the highest ethical standards.
  • We build and maintain trust by demonstrating fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability.
  • We demonstrate fairness and honesty in all of our decisions and actions.
Teamwork and Inclusion
  • We work as a team, always.
  • We build strong, trusting relationships with all stakeholders by being inclusive, respectful, and collaborative, by sharing information transparently, and by communicating effectively.
  • We leverage each other's diverse knowledge and skills, both internally and externally; we rely on each other's strengths to enhance the success of all initiatives.
  • We actively seek and consider others' concerns and ideas; we value everyone's input, we consider different views, and we advocate for the best solutions.
Leadership and Professionalism
  • We invest in professional development to provide a highly skilled workforce, and we are leaders within our fields of expertise.
  • We value our team's knowledge and efforts, we provide recognition for good work, and we celebrate our successes.
  • We inspire each other to do our best, to approach challenges positively, and to actively engage in the work that we're doing.
Innovation and Continuous Improvement
  • We strive to recognize the opportunities for improvement that come with change in all of its forms.
  • We think proactively and strategically, making improvements at every opportunity.
  • We go beyond what's required, relentlessly seeking ways to enhance the organization's efficiency, effectiveness, and levels of service.