Commissioner Stephanie Summerow Dumas

Commissioner Summerow DumasStephanie Summerow Dumas - Licensed Social Worker, Entrepreneur, Federal Grant Reviewer, Certified Healthy Relationship Facilitator, Author and Politician.

She has over a 40 year history as a licensed social worker in the field of mental health. Her vast experience allowed her to create her own company, Strategic Consulting. Ms. Summerow Dumas also has over 16 years serving in the political field. She is a strong advocate for survivors of domestic violence and wrote a book in 2010 addressing that issue, "Perpetuating the Perpetrator", I Love Me Better Than That.

Ms. Summerow Dumas served the duties of vice-mayor 6 years and mayor 6 years in Forest Park, Ohio for a total of 12 years. She also served as the Village Manager of Lincoln Heights, Ohio for 4 years. She ran for Hamilton County Commissioner in 2006 and was not elected but she kept the dream alive for 12 years. In between that time she published another book addressing her experiences during the campaign, "The Politics of Politics", Let the Games Begin. She also has a children's book that she's written which will be published in 2019.

She was elected in 2018 to become a Hamilton County Commissioner. This election made her the first African American Commissioner in the history of Hamilton County. In addition she became the first African American Woman Commissioner in the history of the State of Ohio.

Some of her priorities include:

  • decrease the budget deficit
  • provide better access to transportation
  • increase economic empowerment

She spends her free time volunteering in her church, reading and writing more books.

Ms. Summerow Dumas currently resides in Forest Park, Ohio and has one adult son.

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