Zoning Services

Zoning in Hamilton County is broken into three general categories of jurisdiction: zoning adopted for cities or villages, zoning adopted for townships under township trustee jurisdiction, and zoning adopted for townships under county commissioner jurisdiction. Of the three, Development Services staff is responsible for all aspects of zoning administration in the areas within the county commissioner jurisdiction, which in Hamilton County includes all of Columbia and Harrison Townships and the majority of Green and Miami Townships. The responsibilities for zoning administration in these areas include development review, issuance of zoning certificates, and zoning inspections and enforcement. Development Services staff also administers zoning for the Village of North Bend and Symmes Township through contracts for services between these jurisdictions and the Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission. Development Services staff is available to assist with all aspects of zoning in any of the above jurisdictions.

Zoning Enforcement

The Rural Zoning Commission Zoning Inspectors serve the residents of Hamilton County by enforcing the Zoning Resolution. Their activities include the following:

  • Investigate complaints and abate zoning violations
  • Provide updated zoning violation status reports to Township Officials
  • Maintain records of zoning violation notices and abatement actions
  • Review actual construction for compliance with issued zoning certificate
  • Monitor continued compliance of new and existing Specific Planned Unit Developments
  • Assist in contract services for Symmes, Green and Harrison townships

If you have a question, concern, or would like to file a zoning complaint, please contact the appropriate Zoning Inspector listed below:

Columbia Township
Emily Witte - (513) 946-4473

Green Township
Jason Pastoor - (513) 946-4474

Harrison Township
Jason Pastoor - (513) 946-4474

Miami Township
Jason Pastoor - (513) 946-4474

Symmes Township
Emily Witte - (513) 946-4473

Village of North Bend
Jason Pastoor - (513) 946-4474