Risk Management

The Risk Management division assures that the County's assets are protected from loss. The Risk Manager handles all aspects of risk for the County including:

  • Securing insurance and handling claims
  • Making recommendations regarding the County's risk policies
  • Ensuring that occupational safety laws and regulations are followed by employees
  • Administering the County's Workers' Compensation program
  • Overseeing the County's Safety and Security Team which provides support and expertise in the development and implementation of safety, security and loss prevention programs that help reduce the likelihood of incidents, injury or property loss. 

If you have questions, please contact Risk Manager Rodney Lofland  .

Review our Risk Management Policy Manual  

Reserve a County Facility

Special Event Assistance

Each year we assist various different agencies and organizations in their request for space within a County building or use of an outside plaza "Special Event". All requests for the use of space within a County building must have an Elected Official as a Sponsor in order to be processed.

Depending on the date and time of the event, as well as your specific needs, there may be a charge. The first step in arranging a Special Event is to call the Hamilton County Risk Management at 513-946-5026 and request an Application for Permit to Use County Facilities or Property (Building Exterior)   or an Application for Permit to Use County Space (Building Interior)   . Please review Risk Management Policy 4.5 Public Use of County Property    before downloading an application.