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The Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission (HCRPC) was established in 1929 under authority of Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 713.21. The Commission provides advisory planning services to the unincorporated areas (12 townships) and county municipalities (37 cities and villages) that are members of the Commission and pay annual fees.

The Commission's various planning activities include programs for subdivision compliance, community planning, development review and census/data analysis. The Commission's services are tied to annual work programs that monitor development trends, evaluate current policies, update the Hamilton County Master Plan and related regulations for zoning, subdivision of land, protection of natural resources and traffic circulation.

The HCRPC is a seven (7) member commission which typically meets on the first Thursday of each month beginning at 12:30 pm. The Commission is responsible for determining consistency of development proposals with adopted plans for township areas. Land use control responsibilities also include development review for consistency with zoning regulations, subdivision rules, and thoroughfare plans. Advisory zoning recommendations are made to the Hamilton County Rural Zoning Commission and to township and municipal zoning commissions. The HCRPC also takes final actions on land subdivision for all unincorporated areas in the County.

Beginning in December 2009, pursuant to the provisions of ORC 713.21 (D), the HCRPC entered into an agreement with the Board of Hamilton County Commissioners to share employees. The staff of the Commission prepares reports to assist various regulatory boards in their decision-making. They also coordinate the multi-agency review of subdivision plans for all unincorporated areas in the County. Generally, the staff serves as the long-range planning arm of the County and thus, prepares and disseminates information and maps on a variety of subjects related to planning. It maintains Census and other data on population, housing, zoning, building activity, socio-economic development, school trends, and many physical and land use features. The staff also coordinates and assigns street address numbers for the unincorporated areas and several municipalities in the County.

Meeting Schedules & Forms

2024 Meeting Schedule  

All RPC meetings will be held in person at the TODD B. PORTUNE CENTER FOR COUNTY GOVERNMENT - Address: 138 East Court Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202, Room 805B - Hearing Room.

Accommodations for remote attendance can be made by calling Steve Johns at (513) 946-4455.

Thoroughfare Plan

Ohio Revised Code Section 711.10 identifies that regional planning commissions may adopt a plan for major streets and highways of the county. Given this authority, HCRPC has a long history of adopting such plans that dates back to the adoption of a Motorway Plan in 1964. The Motorway Plan served as the guide for the construction and expansion of roads throughout the high growth periods of the County. In 1993 a Thoroughfare Plan Map   was adopted primarily to indicate desired right-of-way widths for major roadways in the county.

Development projects have become more complicated and involve redevelopment of existing sites rather than new green field development, demanding more flexibility in right-of-way dedication. Thoroughfare Plan text   adopted in 2017 addressed the need to provide for variations in right-of-way dedications in special situations and where specific sub-area planning activities have taken place. Developments seeking a modification of the right-of-way requirements of the Thoroughfare Plan map must submit a Thoroughfare Plan Right-of-Way Width Modification Application   to the Planning + Development Department.

Mission & Vision


To assist Hamilton County and its communities, agencies and citizens in planning and achieving sustainable development and related community and regional goals.


To build planning partnerships for creating and implementing community plans in the context of the region. To provide data management and analysis for effective planning and decision-making in Hamilton County governments. To promote an equitable balance of local, county and regional perspectives and interests in community planning forums.


Rules and Regulations for the Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission - Adopted July 26, 1966


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