Hamilton County Heroin Coalition

The Hamilton County Heroin Coalition provides countywide leadership and solutions to address the heroin and opiate epidemic both immediately and in the long-term. We are committed to assisting our residents and neighbors with the emergency support that they need, as well as working to prevent the spread of drug use in our youth before it begins. Through collaboration between public health officials, law enforcement, prevention experts and treatment providers, we can make an impact on this pressing public health and public safety issue addressing the four key focus areas:

  1. Increasing and improving access to treatment
  2. Boosting prevention and public education efforts
  3. Reducing the number of fatal overdoses/reducing the harm and consequences
  4. Controlling the supply

Adequately investing in addressing this problem will produce a cost savings to the community, in addition to saving lives and restoring our families. Every $1 spent on addiction treatment alone will save Hamilton County taxpayers anywhere from $4 to $15, depending on the number of factors taken into consideration. Every $1 spent on prevention can save Hamilton County taxpayers up to $18 in costs stemming from substance use, misuse and addiction.

2019 State of Heroin Crisis

State of Heroin Crisis 2019
24/7 Hotlines

Addiction Services Council
Local: (513) 281-7880
Kentucky: (859) 415-9280

Beckett Springs
(513) 817-0907

(513) 834-7063

Mental Health Hotline
(513) 281-CARE

Drug & Poison Information Center (DPIC)
(513) 636-5111

Contact Information
Program Coordinator
Emily Manning (513) 946-4311

Social Media
Hamilton County Heroin Coalition Facebook Page