Requesting Public Records for departments under the board of county commissioners

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As a public office of the State of Ohio, Hamilton County is subject to the Ohio Public Records Act (Ohio Revised Code 149.43), which provides for prompt inspection of public records and requires that copies of existing public records be provided in a reasonable period of time. It is the intent of the Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners to fully comply with both the Open Records and Open Meetings Acts.

Effective September 27, 2007, the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners adopted Personnel Policy Manual Section 2.13 Public Records Policy, which outlines rules and procedures followed by Departments of the Board regarding public records requests and records retention.

You may click here to view a complete copy of the Public Records Policy   OR, a copy is available at:
Human Resources Department
138 E. Court Street, Room 707
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202


To request records under the Board of County Commissioners

Please use one of the following options to submit your request:

Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners
Public Record Request
138 East Court Street, Room 603 Cincinnati, OH 45202

For a list of Departments under the Board of County Commissioners, please click here  .

Please note, the Board of County Commissioners is not the records custodian for other elected offices. Each of these offices is controlled by a separately elected official who designate their own staff to handle their independent records. Please see the directory for contact information here. 

To Request Records from Hamilton County Communications (911)

The Hamilton County Communications Center (9-1-1) has created a request form to help individuals and organizations access important public records about emergency incidents. Instead of leaving a voicemail requesting tapes and transcripts of 9-1-1 calls, reporters and the public can now use a standardized, simplified online form as part of the County's ongoing efforts to provide accurate information in a more user-friendly and efficient manner. The hotline is still available; however, the new process reduces the likelihood of delays due to missing or inaudible information.

Steps include:

  1. Complete this form -  .
  2. Wait 48 hours.
  3. If you have not received a response after 48 hours of completing this request form, you may call or email. The Hotline is (513) 595-8585, email is [email protected].

When seconds save lives, this streamlined form will minimize paperwork for dispatchers who are also answering 9-1-1 emergency and non-emergency lines. Hamilton County Communications Officers work very hard to handle all emergency (and non-emergency) calls, as well as dispatch for 45 Police, 47 Fire, and 48 EMS Agencies across the County. The Hamilton County Communications Center remains committed to fostering collaboration between emergency services and the media to ensure the public is well-informed about critical incidents.