County Bid Opportunities

Hamilton County has partnered with Periscope S2G to post, distribute and then to receive electronic responses to County's solicitations.. Please register as a prospective supplier to obtain information on open solicitations from Hamilton County.

By clicking the "Register" link below you will be forwarded to the Periscope S2G website where you will be provided instructions on how to register as a prospective supplier. By registering with Periscope S2G you will be recognized as a supplier that is interested in doing business with Hamilton County and you will be able to receive email notice of Hamilton County's bidding opportunities and then respond electronically.

Hamilton County's Periscope S2G Subscription will be free for all Hamilton County subscriptions. Subscribers can be set-up to access Hamilton Counties bids/RFPs only at no charge.

Click here to Register  

Click here if you already registered with Periscope S2G  

Please note that you will be leaving the Hamilton County's Portal by clicking on the bids listed below. The inclusion of the hypertext link to Periscope S2G's website is not intended as an endorsement of any other product or service offered or referenced by Periscope S2G.

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