Office of Reentry

  • Basic Needs - To develop strategies to address the basic needs of individuals returning to the community from incarceration (including housing).
  • Workforce & Business Development - To develop strategies to address the immediate and on-going employment needs of individuals returning to the community from incarceration.
  • Community Awareness & Training - To develop strategies to eliminate or reduce the stigma that follows those that have been incarcerated.
  • Family & Community Support - To develop strategies to reunite families, when appropriate; and to develop strategies that provide a full range of evidence-based interventions that address underlying issues that contribute to further involvement in the criminal justice system (such as mental health, substance abuse, health, and criminal thinking).
  • Policy Development & Advocacy - To develop strategies to eliminate/change laws, regulations, and policies that result in collateral sanctions or barriers to successful reentry.
  • Data & Evaluation - To gather information that informs the planning process and to develop strategies that support on-going data collection and evaluation needed to document progress.
  • Sustainability - To develop strategies to sustain and expand upon all components of the reentry action plan.

Why are we doing this:

"Individuals returning to Hamilton County from the Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections or in the community with a criminal background Fall into 4 phases of basic life skills." Below is a chart that outlines the phases and the needs to move into the next category.

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Where is Hamilton County Office of Reentry on assisting people to transition?

The following chart outlines in "Green": what we are doing very well, "Yellow": where we are making progress and "Red": We need to improve. The goal is that the strategies of the office are creating a system/process To move individuals into the next category based on the basic life skills.

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